Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan consists of two settlements: a coastal and island (city hotel). In the coastal resort, which was sunk in the olive grove, living former inhabitants of the island's ancient villages and their descendants, who in 1955 emigrated from the island to get to it arranged a luxury apartment hotel city. Over time, the village has developed in an olive grove in particular tourist destination. It was built about fifty villas, guest houses and restaurants, a cottage industry has very comfortable rooms and apartments for holidays all year round. Almost all the inhabitants of Sveti Stefan outside the old town living from tourism and fishing. Prices of accommodation in private houses and hotels are most of Budva.

The city-hotel Sveti Stefan makes a collection of forty stone houses, specially equipped for the utmost enjoyment. The city is still are numerous restaurants, coffee bars, night clubs, a casino, a terrace, a super modern kitchen, pastry shop, flower shop, hairdresser, bank, numerous shops. On the south side of the island is the church of Sv. Stefan, and beneath it is a swimming pool. On the island there are two churches.

City-Hotel is celebrated worldwide as the perfect place for a quiet and comfortable stay in the ambience of a world rarely be found. Interesting stone houses and narrow streets, with a lot of stairs, over which the old lanterns, act pleasant to every visitor. The city is not allowed to sing, loud talking or any activity that would hinder peace his guests because they their stay here pay expensive to just have a quiet holiday in a beautiful setting, and in addition to enjoying the various specialties and relaxing fun. One of the reasons for their vacation at this very famous place is the possibility of meeting and with other important guests, but without harassment by journalists or some unruly people.

The city-hotel Sveti Stefan has leased for 40 years hotel group Aman Resort, who committed to improving comfort levels of the most luxury category for this type of settlement.

Now the prices of services in this luxurious city-hotel to twenty times more than the price of services in the most expensive hotels in Montenegro.

In the Middle Ages, pirates were a nuisance in residential areas along the Adriatic coast. They attacked the village and took everything that was precious. They were later joined by the Turks, and the inhabitants of many villages on the coast were forced to build new settlements high in the hills, or they had to establish their places on the coast. As at that time Paštrovići, as it is called coastal area 'of Kufin to Babina source', had their self-governing dominion, decided at a general national meeting held on Drobni sand to the rocky hill insular build a village and that it provide good walls. In a charter from 1442. The first mention of the tribe Pastrovici who established their self-governing authority.

When the Turks once fiercely attacked the maritime settlements in the Bay of Kotor (Kotor and Perast), Bokelji invited Paštroviće to assist them in defending cities. Paštrovići they had voted massively and with Bokelji heroically fought against the Turks. The battle lasted several days and the Turks were defeated. Returning from battle, Paštrovićani (Paštrovci) are in the bay Jaz near Budva captured a Turkish pirate ship full of riches. On his return with prey, Paštrovci decided to sell it and use the money for material and work on the construction and determining their settlement. So have they done. City, in addition to established church of Sveti Stefan at the top of the hill and stone houses, among which are winding up the narrow road passes, and got a defensive wall, a solid gate, cannons and light weapons. Village Life has since been safe. Pastrovska self-governing municipality has had its head office here more than 400 years. Sveti Stefan was then called the 'place of justice'.

The old town of Sveti Stefan was rented to the world famous hotel chain 'The Aman resort' in the thirty-year period, with a decent annual fee and a percentage of the profit realized. Now, this luxurious city hotel ranks among the five most attractive vacation spots in the world. Prices pension is calculated in thousands of euros.

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