Piva area

Piva area covers the north part of Montenegro and is mostly hilly and mountainous terrain. All areas are very attractive, among them the canyon of Piva and Trnovacko lake. Through the central part of the area passes Piva River, which rises in the piggy, below the surface of Lake Piva. Along the canyon winds asphalt road, weaving through 52 tunnels of Pluzine to Scepan Polje. Put further extended by boat on the Drina, where it branches in Sarajevo, Foca and Visegrad.

The main road from Niksic to Pluzine, and continue to Scepan Polje and Bosnia and Herzegovina, passes through the 'Montenegrin Switzerland', as he noticed a group of Czech journalists on the way through Montenegro. The area is really nice. On this road is also a small Donja Brezna, known during the World War by the partisan airport from which the seriously wounded were transported Allied planes for Italy. In recent times the town has become known for the first ethno village in Montenegro - Montenegro

Piva Monastery

On the fifth kilometer of Plužina in Niksic direction, is the famous Monastery of Piva. It was built by Savatije Pasa, Patriarch renewed Patriarchate of Pec, in time 1573-1586, on the site of an earlier church. The monastery was originally located near the source of the Piva River, but is fully moved before immersing areas. It was an extremely complex task, because it is dismantled stone by stone and reassembled at the location below the highway. As the walls of the church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary were covered with artistically valuable frescoes from the mid 17th century (1260 m2), the greatest feat is made perfect their moving again in the frame of crkvu.Ovaj huge job done in time from 1970 to 1982. It was the most complicated conservation and artistic work in the history of the monastery architecture and murals in the world. It knows that the visitor of the monastery to visit the old and novopreseljenu church, because he can not see hardly any razliku.On It has the impression that the frescoes untouched, even they are more beautiful and vivid.

Near Piva Monastery is a memorial Doli, where the fascists on June 7, 1943, brutally pobujali 520 women, children and the elderly. This is another place in Montenegro by the number of innocent victims of the fascist criminals. The first is the mountain village of Great Čakor, in which German soldiers and Kosovo ballistic 28/07/1944. killed 600 innocent residents from the area.

These two memorial sites should be included in all tourist tours through Montenegro, in order to verify and foreign tourists in the suffering of the innocent inhabitants of Montenegro by the fascist military forces in World War II.

Piva Monastery

Between deep gorge Piva, Vrbnice and Sutjeska (Republic of Serbian-BH) is a spacious mountain region Volujka, named after one of the mountain, whose highest peaks Wig (2338 m) and Studenac (2294 m). This area still make the mountain Maglić (2386 m) and Bioč (2396 m), as well as a large cove Editorial troughs. It is situated at the beautiful lake in the shape of a heart - Trnovačko Lake, from which pours magnificent mountain river that flows into the Sutjeska. This forest covered lake is situated at an altitude of 1517 meters. The lake surface is 5800 m2, and the depth of 45 m. Restocked the trout and anglers can enjoy the beautiful nature and fishing fish. Fishing is limited time and quantity.

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