Durmitor - Sinjava area

Durmitor area comprises a wide and wonderful expanse in northern Montenegro, bordered by Tara canyon on the north side, Piva mountain on the west side, Komarnica canyon to the south and to the east by Sinjavina. Durmitor massif is part of the Dinarides and is known as his most beautiful motifs space.

From the tourist point of view, Durmitor is the most attractive mountain resort and the most beautiful winter resort in Montenegro. Due to its outstanding natural values ​​of the relief, flora and fauna, their magical lakes and grandiose and interesting Tara river canyon, Durmitor was declared a National Park of Montenegro and added to the List of Protected Natural Values ​​(1980). Before that, the pool of the river Tara entered in the register of a biosphere reserve under the UNESCO program 'Man and Biosphere' (1977). Durmitor National Park covers an area 39,000 hectares. Durmitor massif has 22 peaks higher than 2,200 meters and 19 mountain lakes. The highest peak is Bobotov kuk (ulcers cave) with 2522 meters above sea level. The largest and most attractive is the Black Lake, located below the top Međed, not far from the town of Zabljak.

Around the narrower the Durmitor mountain massif consists Travel ring, so the whole area can be toured by car (76 km).

Durmitor area includes its southernmost tip -Drobnjake, together with the small town Šavnik. Better known settlements in the area of ​​Drobnjak are: Bukovica, Slatina, Mljeticak too, Savnik, Petnjica, Poscenje, tannery, Godijelji, Grabovica, Longer, Dubovsko. On Mljeticak the Turkish period killed the famous Smail-aga Čengić, famous for bravery and relentless collection harac. This historical event is celebrated in the legendary poem Croatian writer Ivana Mažuranića - Death of Smail-aga. At the point of this event was raised in a memorial in the shape of a pyramid.

Ibar is the homeland reformer of the Serbian literary language and collectors of folklore Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic. In this lovely place was held on 8 November 2005, a grand ceremony and open memorial park Wolves roots, which is worth a visit on your trip to Savnik and Zabljak.

National Park Durmitor

Durmitor National Park is the pride of Montenegro. Nowhere is the one area of ​​thirty thousand hectares not gathered together so many diverse and rich relief is characterized by mountains, cliffs, coves, valleys, lakes, rivers and forests as it is located in the area of ​​NP Durmitor. This beautiful area declared a national park in 1952 by the decision of the National Assembly of Montenegro. He thus placed under the special protection of the state.

The National Park was set aside seven zones: spruce and fir forest in the basin of Mlinski stream, rainforest black pine in Crne Pode, Black Lake with trees in the immediate vicinity, Škrčka Lakes basin and the narrow valley Susice, Barno lake with its surroundings, Lake with nearest surrounding and the narrow valley of the Tara. In these zones, established a special protection regime, and in the first two zones strict regime of protection of natural and cultural values.

The troughs and valleys of Durmitor massif covered with rich pastures and alpine foothills inhabit interesting and rare species of plants, among which there are those that grow only in these mountains. Due to the richness of plant life, in this area is organized festival 'Days of mountain flowers' at the beginning of each summer.

The territory of the National Park and the wider area of ​​Durmitor ancient habitats of rare species of wildlife - mountain goats, bears, wolves, big grouse, eagles, falcons. They are most often affected by hikers on its mountain tours, which is a good photo opportunity.

Sockets Durmitor mountains are covered with evergreen forests of spruce, fir, white pine and deciduous forests of beech, and sometimes ash and maple. In the higher parts of some peaks prevails juniper - cam pine.

According to some, the name of Durmitor in the Celtic language means 'mountain of water'. Name sounds proudly as the mountain itself and fully fit this queen of the Dinarides.

How are hiking trails well marked all over the Durmitor, and in some locations there are mountain huts and comfortable lodging, you have the option to for seven to ten days to know the most important parts of the peaks of the mountain range. We recommend that you buy in the store folder National Park, as it will help and facilitate the navigation of the entire area of ​​Durmitor and Tara canyon. On the map are the basic facts about the Durmitor National Park.

On the most favorable locations with a total of more than 10 km of slopes for skiing, ski lifts were built and two-seat chairlift. Lifts are used in the summer season for an easier climb and better grilling. Lifts are the locations: Pitomine, Štuoc, Javorovača, Savin Kuk and others. The above silazište on Savin kuk is located at elevation 1950 meters, only fifty meters from the source Savina water. This source is in the top position of all other sources in the former Yugoslavia. On it there is water and the highest temperatures of air. Otherwise, during the summer, a large number of sources on Durmitor dries up, so be sure to hikers carry water with you at ascents on the highest peaks.


At an altitude of 1450 meters, at the foot of the majestic Durmitor peaks, lies the picturesque town of Zabljak with about two thousand inhabitants. City in ancient times was called Varezina water, then Stopovers. However, the existing location was established in 1871, but has seen its rapid development until much later, and when she started realization of tourist project on the creation of the largest winter and summer recreation center in Montenegro. In addition to the existing old hotel Durmitor, were built during the last thirty years and the hotels 'Zabljak', 'Lakes', 'Planinka', then M & B, 'Bjelobor', 'Maple', 'Enigma' and some others. In addition to the listed hotel in this mountain town is still built: several funicular and ski lifts, apartment villa hotel 'Lakes', military resort 'Zabljak' bungalows hotel Durmitor, department store, supermarket, gas station and bus station, as well as large number of private houses and cottages.

In this highest urban settlement in the Balkans there is a dozen cafes and taverns and attractive restaurant 'Katun' on the Black Lake. On the hill above the hotel 'Zabljak', located in the city center, was built in an interesting monument to fallen soldiers in the Liberation War, which is reminiscent of the old Durmitor house. At the end of 2005 in the city center was completed luxury hotel 'Mountain Eyes', with fifty beds, which can accommodate the most demanding mountain guests.

Durmitorians are extremely welcoming and do not be surprised if you call your house as a guest. Do not reject them because you will offend them.

Be sure to try the Durmitor cream from the skins, and you will be convinced that it is better and tastier than elsewhere. Also recommend Durmitor lamb pudding or roast lamb on Durmitor way.

Walks meadows and clearings around Zabljak leave an unforgettable impression on every guest of this lovely place. If you go from the center towards Durmitor, after a mile walk through the forested environment you will arrive on the coast of the famous Black Lake. You will see how it reflected the legendary mountain peaks. A mirror image of the top Međed in water Little Black Lake creates a magical impression of the scene. Even when you go for a walk around both lakes and every time you start to experience new and beautiful scenery, you will automatically sigh from all of the rapture and wish to take up residence in this heavenly spheres. The walk around the lake, and if you mark Tito's cave, where he spent a short partisan Supreme Commander in 1943. Walking will encounter and the rainforest Mill creek.

From Zabljak water numerous hiking trails to the peaks of Durmitor. Before leaving the tedious and reconnaissance tours provide a map of Durmitor area, or the National Park. Although by bays there are sources of water, we recommend that you do not move out of water, at least two liters, as you will need already to the first source, and thereafter. Remember, the water keeps life in the mountain!

As far as Zabljak magical under snow cover and is a favorite destination of skiers, so, if not more, interesting from spring to autumn. We argue that the future of Zabljak right to develop all forms of tourism in the warmer half of the year, so in the long summer season (May-September). Only needs to be a more diverse culture, art, entertainment and sports offers in this period.

Tara River canyon

Tara is the most beautiful and the longest river in Montenegro with the deepest canyon in Europe, the other in the world. This fast, cold and clear river occurs in Podkomovlju merging mountain river Veruša and Opasanica. Along the entire flow of 141 kilometer, Tara is making its way through the small and large gorge, passing only partially through the plains (Kolasin and Mojkovac). The longest and deepest gorge stretches of Bistrica, and Black floor and ends, after 78 kilometers, near Scepan Polje, or in front of the place where part of the Piva and Tara, by building the famous river Drina. The gorge is cut, the left side, along the mountain Sinjavina, Durmitor and Piva mountain and, to the right, along the slopes of Ljeljen, Vaškovska forests, Prenčana, the slopes of the plateau Kosanica, mountain Lisa, mindfulness and Ljubisnja. The depth of the canyon Tere vary due to the height of the surrounding mountains, and in places is up to 1300 meters (Great Štuoc and Consideration). The average depth is about 1000 meters. Partially the canyon widens, as in Dobrilovina, Djurdjevica Tara Lever Tara and TEPCO, so are its slopes incurred groves, fields and orchards. Canyon sides are rocky and lonely pine trees, deciduous Omar and sometimes lush forests of conifers and deciduous. On some pages stand out crushed stone, scree and gullies.

Tara River is characterized by its rapids, waterfalls and whirlpools, and in some places is quiet. Since the river is in its canyon part twisting, fast and violent, it became very suitable and attractive for rafting. Every summer season through the canyon is organized with wooden rafts and rubber boats (rafting). Rafts range of places Splaviste and rafting lasts one or two days, depending on the selected length of the waterway. It is extremely attractive sailing under a high and beautiful bridge on Tara River.

For this bridge is linked to one dramatic events of the war. When retreating front of a motorized German divisions in the direction of Zabljak, Tito ordered the engineer Lazarus Jauković, one of the ancient builders of the bridge, it immediately undermines order to prevent penetration of the Germans toward the plateau lakes and Zabljak, because the partisan units contained and mobile hospitals with a lot of seriously wounded. Partizan Jauković could not refuse the order of the supreme commander, and he was very sorry to destroy the bridge which was a pride Yugoslav builder, so he resorted to trickery. Not mined the whole bridge, but only the central arch. Most so was halved and the Germans are paused, as much as it took for partisan retreat. Tito for this clever ploy praised engineers know this word, which was three months after, caught Chetniks and Italian fascists and shot him in the same bridge.

Rafting on Tara river canyon through its legendary represents the most exciting and beautiful experience for every (mortar) tourist. It's impossible to describe briefly, but it has to be experienced, at least in the one-day rafting.

The comfortable motel 'Port of Radovan 'on the banks of the river Tara is a major resting place for rafters. Second place for vacation in the camp 'Grab', 15 km away from Scepan Polje.

Right tributary of the River Tara - Vaškovska river and Draga, cut by the surrounding mountains are also deep and interesting canyons and rivers Susica, left tributary of Tara, which springs from Škrčkog lake in the heart of Durmitor, quietly running through the canyon length of 15 km and depth of 600 to 800 meters. The conquest of these canyons is interesting for lovers of extreme sports.

Komarnice canyon

On leaving the Savnik occurs rivers Pridvorica three watercourses - White, Bukovica and Šavnička head. This river after a short stream flows into the mosquito netting on the end of the rugged Nevidio. Tannery springs under the southern slopes of Durmitor, in Dobri do, and its flow increases at the source in Krlje, then passes under a mountain of tannery, and then along Boljske beams through the village Komarnica. After three kilometers flow through this village and at about 200 meters before entering the marvelous canyon Nevidio, tannery on the left receives the stream Grabovica, and after a series of lush lashes and 144-meter high waterfall Grasshopper. Tannery soon enters the narrow, deep and difficult accessible Nevidio, which was first conquered at the end of the 20th century. This four kilometers long and winding canyon so far it's only been a few small groups of hikers-cavers doing scientific research. According to one of them, hikers PD 'Javorak' from Niksic, the canyon is beautiful and enchanting at the same time wild. Inaccessible for most curious.

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