The area of Bjelasica and Komovi

A picturesque area between the rivers Tara and Lim, where there are very beautiful mountains Bjelasica and Komovi, cities Kolasin and Mojkovac and many other settlements, ranks among the most beautiful parts of Montenegro. Mountain rivers and lakes complement the colorful mosaic of this wide area, through which the 'center' passing paved winding path Rent-a, over mates, and way lower category-Kolasin, Berane, through Bjelasica. In building the first part of the highway Podgorica-Mateševo, which will later be set to Boljari and connect with Serbian part of the highway.

Bjelasica and National park 'Biogradska Gora'

East of the direction of Kolasin-Mojkovac, in the area of ​​about 620 square kilometers, is one of the most beautiful mountains and the most easily accessible - Bjelasica. It is named after what was on it for more than six months 'whiteness' snow or Bjelojevićkoj river. The mountain is 29 km long between the two end points and nearly as wide. The highest peak of the Black Head (2139 m). In its bosom nestles majestically Biogradsko jezero.Otkrivši this luxurious oasis of beauty, Prince Nikola was founded in 1878 to protect Lake Biograd as the first nature reserve in the Balkans.

In addition to Biogradsko Lake, which is the Biogradska gora proclaimed a national park, the Bjelasica there are the following lakes: Lake Pesic (Big and Small), center lakes (Big and Small) and Ursulovačko lake. The most beautiful is svakakao Biograd lake, covered with dense forests that spread across Biogradsko. The lake is beautifully shaped, and is stocked by him sail boats that visitors hire at the pier. Non-swimmers are not recommended shipping! It has a length 1100, 400 wide and 4.5 meters deep on average, and the deepest 18 meters.

National park 'Biogradska Gora' is built on the shore of the lake a few wooden houses for accommodation of guests, as well as a restaurant. In the forest there is adequate space for camping.

Walk around Lake Biograd right through the rainforest is a supreme pleasure. In addition to the rainforest, in Europe, are only two of these: Perućica in BIH and Bjeloveška pušća in Poland.

The National Park covers an area of ​​5400 hectares and is the smallest among the Montenegrin national parks. In this park has 86 tree species, 25 plant communities with 220 plants, only inhabitants of this park, which can not be found in Europe in such a small space. The fauna is diverse. The basic type of game makes roe deer and grouse, and there are bears, wolves, foxes, martens, hares, eagles and other wildlife. Hunting is not allowed in the National Park 'Biogradska Gora', nor any timber felling, or individual trees. The rainforest must be preserved forever, to live and die of natural causes each of its plants and each of its wildlife. Fishing on all the lakes is available for a daily permit. Hunting wild animals is allowed outside the National Park, or to other parts of Bjelasica, or with written permission.

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