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  • Monastery Ostrog

Centuries of severe struggle for survival have left their trace on a great number of sacral monuments on the territory of Montenegro. Living his martyr life, the Montenegrin man has mainly depended on the disposition of the sea, sun, dry land and the power of the enemy.

Since he was not granted with earthly richness, he granted his soul to religion

The monasteries that are dispersed throughout Montenegro, from the Byzantine period until the modern times, reveal the spiritual wealth. Each one of them has its own unique way to enchant the visitors. One of them is the Ostrog Monastery, which attracts people from around the world with its exceptional spiritual power and the unique ambiance. Carved into the high rocks, it is very important as a spiritual and historic center of Montenegro.

The monastery of Ostrog is placed against an almost vertical background, high up in the large rock of Ostroska Greda, from which a superb view of the Bjelopavlici Plain explodes. Ostrog Monastery is the most popular pilgrimage place in Montenegro. The orthodox Monastery of Ostrog is the most frequent visited one on the Balkans. It is visited by believers from all parts of the world, either individually or in groups.

You will have a beatiful view along the road, past interesting villages and towns – all the way until we arrive in Monastery Rezevici.

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