Lim - Ibar area

It is located in the eastern part of Montenegro and includes all natural motives, monuments and settlements in the valley of the River Lima and the upper river Ibar. River Lim springs from Plav Lake, located in the broad valley between the mountains Visitor and Prokletije and Ibar springs on the slopes of Mount Haile .. River Lim is the total debt of 219 km, and the Montenegrin part of the 87 km. On the Montenegrin Lima lie next significant settlements, starting from the source: Blue, Brezojevica, Murino, Andrijevica, Berane and Bijelo Polje. When you leave the municipality of Bijelo Polje, Lim still runs through the major cities of Prijepolje and Priboj in Serbia and Rudo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Polimlje is a very attractive area, not only because of Lima, its picturesque coastline and canyons, but also due to attractive surrounding mountains, interesting cultural and historical monuments and architectural values ​​of the village along the Lima valley. For tourists are especially attractive to the visitor Prokletije, Plav Lake, Monastery of St. George poles in Berane, mountains Haile, Church of St. Peter in Bijelo Polje, Đalovića and beautiful caves Vražiji Canyon upstream, which has recently been called. Đalovića cave. Below cave springs Bistrica River.

Đalovića cave, 27 km long (12 km explored), decorated with beautiful figures of lime (stalactites and stalagmites) and with several lakes and various halls, has not yet been fully tested. Visits are possible now only announced cavers and climbers, because the cave is not regulated for all visitors.

Not far from here is the monastery top, which is written Divos gospel. From the monastery to the village of Bistrica, continue to Bijelo Polje, the asphalted road.

Northwest of Bijelo Polje, in the mountain HQ, nestled luxurious Novakovića cave from which flowing river Vraneštica, tributaries Ljuboviña.

The hilly and mountainous area of ​​the Upper Ibra is as sculpted. Decorated with forests and dotted with pastures, springs, streams and rivers, acts as a harmonious mosaic of unique nature. Between shapely hills and mountains, lies the gentle valleys and settlements, including the largest Rožajska basin, where developed and the capital of this attractive area.

National Park Prokletije

The mountain range Prokletije, which runs the border between Montenegro and Albania, and Kosovo and Albania, is approximately 70 kilometers. It extends northeast-southwest direction and connects the Dinarides and Sar mountains. The highest peak Maja lake (2694 m) is on the Albanian side, Gjeravica (2656) in Kosovo (Metohija), and the Montenegrin part of the highest peaks are the School of Evil (2534), Maja School '(2528), Rosny Top (2524) and Bogićevica (2502 masl.). Evil School 'is the highest mountain peak in Montenegro, and not Bobotov Kuk on Durmitor, as many believe.

The World's apprentice Even thought, Serbian geographer, wrote, after studying this grandiose and big beautiful mountains, in 1913, and this: 'Alps are a mountain that with its wild beauty inspires dread and fear in every visitor. The author of this guide would, with the tourist point of view, and added: 'The Alps are a mountain that her dramatic beauty impresses every visitor. All mountaineers who have climbed to Prokletiije peaks and won its rocks, cracks, sinkholes and caves, including the writer of these lines, are unanimous in their assessment that the conquest of this mountain unique experience, even winning the world's biggest peaks.

In addition to the wild and rugged parts, attractive Karanfila, the Cursed Mountains located and quiet valley, whose beauty does not leave indifferent any visitor. These are valleys Grebaje (Grbaja) and Ropajane from which rise the rocky peaks of the high to the sky. Both valleys are suitable mountain lodges. If we also added the wooded Bogićevica with lovely hilly lake, a wealth of unique plants and wildlife, picturesque streams and unique canyon of the river Vrulja with waterfall and canyon in the village Grlja Vusanje (valley Ropajane), then By plane, then one must conclude that the prokletije long ago should have been declared for the international nature park, and not wait for the 21st century. Especially as the wildlife in this area is extremely diverse and valuable.

In the village of Dale is a monument to partisans from the beginning Vienna Basic, Job Novović and Yusuf Redžepagić, and every year on July 13 at this point is organizing a gathering of anti-fascists of the region, to express their respect for the fallen pioneers from the freedom that we now enjoy the inhabitants of Montenegro.

National Park Prokletije for its relief, flora and fauna is a rare example of special features, and therefore causes the interest of scientists, hikers and tourists from around the world.

Hillsides Bogićevica, which is located east of Blue, are extremely suitable for mass skiing and on them will be in the future to build the largest ski resort in Montenegro. According to one study, in this region can be simultaneously ski more than ten thousand skiers. And here is seeking foreign investors for the construction of ski center

Dear passengers and readers,

Here we are at the end of the journey through selected parts of marvelous Montenegro

Welcome and even better to implement the country's unique natural beauty and exceptionally hospitable people.

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