Bar riviera

Bar area, 46 km long, from the west begins cove cave, where there is a beautiful Queen's Beach. Next the lower of: Čanj, Muscles, Sutomore, Kicking, Crvanj, Šušanj, Bar, Old Bar, Field, Bay, Tomba, Ujtin Potok, Nišić, Dobra Voda, Dubrava, Pečurice, Comfort and Bušat. A above, below the mountain Rumija, there is a famous area Mrkojevici, agricultural oasis Bar Riviera. And beneath the giant Sutorman are embed beautiful villages Tuđemili and teeth. Above Tuđemili is a monument to the famous Bar battle of 1042 years, and above the monastery Teeth Pond. Between these two villages passed through the narrow gauge railway Bar-Virpazar and now there remain a route with the famous loop in a figure eight.

Special value of the Bar area is in extremely good relations between people of different ethnic and religious affiliation. It can even be argued that there is a genuine record of them. This means that tourists can be sure of their hosts.

Guests at the Bar Riviera enjoying special privilege as to it can arrive by train. And I can ship to Italy, because of the Port of Bar every evening sail some of the ferry to Bari, and some days to Ancona and Barlet. The whole marshy area is rich cultures of citrus fruits and vegetables. In this region, in addition to other fruits, grown olives, oranges, tangerines, lemons, figs and kiwi. It is already widely known variety 'wading orange', which has a specific and pleasant taste, very juicy.

On Bar Riviera are especially prominent tourist places Canj, Sutomore, Susanj, Bar, Great Sand and Consolation, and of cultural and historical value of Old Town Bar and Cross St. Vladimir. The old olive tree, whose age is estimated at more than 2000 years, is a natural monument of special value. Above the entire Bar Riviera is a coastal mountains or mountain Sozina, Sutorman, Rumi and Lisinj. Over Sutorman leads the way for Virpazar. Once through the tunnel Sutorman, passing a narrow gauge railway Bar-Virpazar. Old locomotive and one wagon is now located at railway stations in Bar and Podgorica.

Old Bar (urban settlement in 1835, MZ 4976 c.)

History of the new Bar is in fact the history of the Old Bar.

On the sea was once a Greek colony named Antibarum, probably because the place was located opposite the city of Bari in Italy. Due to frequent pirate attacks from the sea locals are heads of their village far from the coast and started a new one on the rocky outcropping beneath the mountains of Rumi.

The place is developed and evaluations through the centuries until it was completely safe for habitation. This place is the current Old Town Bar. Away from the coast, about 5 kilometers. In historical sources the town was first mentioned at the end of the ninth century under the name Antivari. Maybe the name comes from the name of the tribe of the Avars, who, together with the Slavs, settled the territory of today Montenegro in the 6th and 7th century. Later, the bar more often mentioned, especially after the famous battle of the Bar in 1042, led by a gifted military leader and commander Vojislav (1017-1050). The battle against the Byzantine army was fierce. Zeta army was completely defeated the mighty Byzantine army and its allies in this battle. After this battle Zeta became a free and independent state. Bar became famous along with his prince Vojislav. Vojislavov son Michael was later crowned king (1077.g.)

In 1089 Bar became the seat Doclean archbishopric. The next 2.5 Ages were filled with intense combat. In the mid 13th century Bar is gained victory over Dubrovnik. When the Turks invaded the Bar, the city with the coastal region has requested protection of Venice. Yielding the Venice Bar has not maintained a lasting peace. After 128 years, then in 1571, the Turks conquered Bar and with him ruled 307 years. This involved the Islamization of one part of Christians. Montenegrins are liberated Bar in 1878 when Montenegro at the Berlin Congress recognized the independent state. Old Bar is then destroyed. As the country was free, rapidly began to develop new Bar on coastal location.
Bar is constituted of the fortified city lake, encompassed by walls and support. The old town was badly damaged in the disastrous earthquake in 1979 and partially renovated in the late 20th century. It is not inhabited, except for one genius painters 'of the Tara Canyon' that they found their artistic nest. The old gate dates from the 11th century, and the walls from the 11th and 12th century, which were renovated in the 14th and 15th centuries. Part of the Old Town was built in brick in the 15th and first half of the 16th century, at the time of Venice.

In the Old Town are better preserved two churches - St. Catherine and St. Veneranda (14th and 15th century), Turkish bath - steam bath from the 17th century and some buildings. In the western part of the town are the ruins of the church of Sv. Nicholas, which was erected in 1288 Jelena, wife of Serbian King Uros I. For Jelena was thought to be native to the family of Anjou, so they called Jelena Anžujska.Nova studies show that it could be from the family of Courtney, and Jelena Kurtnejska ( 30).
Above the Old City are remains of the aqueduct from the 16-17 century, through which the water was brought to town. Sub is actively village of Old Bar and dates back to the Middle Ages. The resort has several old inns, shops and craft shops, as well as the local market (Friday is market day). There is also a monument to the first reading room in this area. The resort has two mosques and Catholic Church of St.. Mary on the hill Gretva.

Since 2000, on the main street of the Old Bar each year is held very interesting ceremony Maslinijada. For more than a hundred ukrašebih stands exposed as olives, olive oil, citrus fruits, honey, wine, brandy and beautiful products of cottage industry. Rehearsal of domestic food products and beverages is free, and the purchase of larger quantities to obtain a substantial discount in the price.
Below the Old town and is situated Support of General Hospital Bar, and below it is the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas. Not far from the river Rikavac they are manufacturing 'Primorje' - Coca Cola Factory, Plant for production of juices, plant for the extraction of olive oil and Bakery.

The road from Hospital leads to Stara olives on Mirovica (1 km)
In mid-2014, the construction of a new and luxurious mosque with two minarets and madrassas. The Islamic Center is located 300 meters away from the building Bar hospitals. The construction of this religious center was funded by the Arab countries.
On the road between Bar and Old Bar, which separates the left at the crossroads behind the railway overpass, located Barska diocese. In its vicinity is the house of the family Andrović that preserves the original cross of Saint Vladimir. This unique monument is every year in June (on St. Trinity, Trojčindan) on top of the mountain Rumi. The procession starts from the village Mikulići in front of St. Nicholas, in two hours in the evening and, after arduous climb up the mountain to the top of Rumija arrived before sunrise. This is a manifestation of the faithful of all religions! and shows how deep are the roots of community life in this area.

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